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If you’re missing permanent teeth, dental implants can restore your smile and encourage optimal oral health. At Bayside Orthodontics, Inna Gellerman, DDS, Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, and the team have years of experience placing and restoring dental implants. To make an appointment at the practice in Bayside, New York, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member or click the online booking tool.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are posts made of titanium that act as synthetic tooth roots. They’re placed beneath your gums during an outpatient procedure and provide a supportive base for dental restorations like crowns, a bridge, or implant-retained dentures.

Dental implants bond with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Once your mouth heals, they look and function like your permanent teeth and remain in the optimal position.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants provide many advantages, including:

  • Improved oral health
  • Easier eating
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Easier speaking

Dental implants can also help you appear younger. If you’re missing teeth, the skin around your mouth wrinkles and sags. Dental implants restore structure to your mouth, smoothing your skin and defining your jaw.

Can anyone get dental implants?

Dental implants are safe and usually well-tolerated, but to get them, you need healthy gums and enough jaw to support them. If you have a history of gum disease or low bone volume, the team might recommend periodontal treatment like scaling and root planing or a bone graft before moving forward.

Let the team know if you have an underlying health problem like a congenital heart defect or high blood pressure. It’s important that these and other conditions are stable before the procedure, otherwise, you’re more likely to experience complications like implant failure.

What does getting dental implants involve?

At Bayside Orthodontics, getting dental implants takes a series of three appointments spaced over a year.

If the team determines you’re a good candidate, they administer a local anesthetic and place the implants beneath your gums. Following surgery, the posts fuse to your jaw while your mouth heals.

Several months later, when the healing process finishes, you return to Bayside Orthodontics. The team takes digital impressions of your mouth and sends them to a laboratory that creates your crowns, fixed bridge, or implant-retained dentures.

A week or two later, you visit the office for your third and final appointment. The team lines up your restorations with the implants and bonds them in place. Afterward, they polish your restorations and provide care instructions.

Do I need to keep my dental implants clean?

Yes. Dental implants collect food, plaque, and bacteria like your natural teeth so it’s important to clean them regularly. The team at Bayside Orthodontics recommends brushing and flossing daily and visiting the office at least twice a year for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning.

To prevent damage to your dental implants, wear a mouthguard when playing sports or a night guard if you grind your teeth during sleep.

To further explore dental implants, make an appointment at Bayside Orthodontics by calling the office to speak with a friendly staff member or clicking the online booking tool.