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If your child is already experiencing issues with their bite alignment, don’t wait until they lose all their baby teeth to seek treatment. At Bayside Orthodontics in Bayside, New York, orthodontic specialists Inna Gellerman, DDS, and Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, perform a two-phase treatment that can prevent severe orthodontic problems. The treatment addresses your child’s bite problems while they still have baby teeth to minimize thee chances of needing complex orthodontic work later in life. To learn more, call Bayside Orthodontics or schedule an appointment online now.

Two-Phase Treatment Q & A

What is the two-phase treatment?

A two-phase treatment is a specialized orthodontic plan for children with bite problems and misaligned teeth. During phase one, the treatment focuses on aligning the jaws while they’re still developing. Phase two targets your child’s tooth alignment to ensure they have a straight, healthy smile as they grow.

By addressing these early orthodontic issues with a two-phase treatment, the team can intercept orthodontic issues that they expect will worsen as your child ages.

How does the two-phase treatment work?

The goal of the two-phase treatment is to improve the relationship between your child’s teeth and jaws while they’re still developing. The treatment begins with phase one and includes a resting period before beginning phase two.

Phase one

If your child is showing signs of a bad bite, such as a narrow jaw or severe overbite, the team creates custom-made oral appliances that gradually bring their upper and lower jaw into alignment. The exact device the team recommends depends on your child’s unique case.

The orthodontic team at Bayside Orthodontics uses a series of digital X-rays and digital impressions with the iTero® scanner to map your child’s individualized treatment plan.

Rest phase

How long phase one takes depends on the severity of your child’s condition. Once they’ve completed phase one, your child has a resting phase. That step is important because it allows your child’s permanent teeth to erupt naturally. A successful phase one should help guide their teeth into the correct position.

During the rest phase of your child’s treatment, the team typically monitors their tooth development every six months. They may recommend removing certain baby teeth to improve the outcome of the treatment.

Phase two

The goal of phase two is to make sure your child’s permanent teeth are in harmony with their lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. To help align the teeth properly, phase two typically includes braces for their top and bottom teeth. Most adolescents wear fixed braces for up to 24 months.

What happens after the two-phase treatment?

Once your child has completed their two-phase treatment, the team at Bayside Orthodontics fits them for a custom-made retainer. Wearing a retainer for at least 24 months ensures that your child’s teeth can’t shift back into their original misalignment while their jaw is still developing.

To find out if your child is a good candidate for the two-phase treatment, call Bayside Orthodontics or schedule an appointment online now.